About The Lotion Stick

The Lotion Stick was born out of need. When my second baby was born, he constantly had his fingers in his mouth. They would get so chapped, but I didn't want to put anything on them knowing that as soon as I did, those fingers would go right back in his mouth. I searched high and low for the perfect moisturizer that was easy to apply and contained only natural ingredients, but I couldn't find the perfect product. So I ordered some raw ingredients and twist tubes and made my first Lotion Stick.

I quickly became obsessed with it myself too and realized this was NOT just a product for babies, but for anyone with chapped skin - I use it daily on my lips, cuticles, and knuckles, and always have one (or more) close by.

My friends started asking me about it, borrowing it from me, and asking me to make one for them. That is when I realized that I was onto something. 

Today, each Lotion Stick is still made by hand with love - I am so excited for you to get your hands on one and try it for yourself!

Thank you so much for your support.

Aliza Kogan, Creator and Founder of The Lotion Stick